Marketing Baby Products to Millennial Parents

The millennials today are very cautious parents. They consider a lot of things before buying a baby product. Most moms today are millennials, so they are the main targets of various baby product brands including things like sleep training methods. Products that help parents to get enough sleep are in high demand. If sleep training and other products are marketed well, business will be booming.

If you want to market your products or services to millennial parents, here are some tips.

Mobile and in-store marketing must work seamlessly

Millennial parents spend most of their time online and they search for things using their mobile. They also search for things on their smartphone while they are in-store to download coupons, compare prices, or read reviews.

So, mobile marketing should tie with your in-store marketing. You should highlight the same product in-store and on the mobile. You can also offer mobile coupons to be used in-store.

Social media marketing

You should have a huge presence on social media. Today the parents look for influencers, content, and parenting trends in social media. So, if you cannot create a strong presence, there you won’t be able to reach your target customers.


Millennial parents watch YouTube videos to make better purchases. They want guidance and answers. So, you should create videos to attract these parents. You can provide tutorials to impress them like videos on sleep training methods.

Make your brand experience convenient

Don’t’ make complicated offers like ‘downloading coupons from the website’. Just send them to their mobile phone so that they can access it at any time. You must keep the account registration simple so that they can start shopping right away. The website must be easily navigable.

These digital marketing strategies can help brands to reach more millennial parents. So, you should incorporate these strategies in your business if your target customers are millennial parents.