Purchasing Sleep Aids for Babies

When you have a baby, one of the major concerns that you have is for your baby to have proper sleep. Parents are always looking for better solutions for sleep as babies go through sleep problems like 18 month old sleep regression. Sleeping aids is now a million-dollar industry because of the demand.

The companies use various digital marketing approaches to reach the parents who are looking for baby sleeping aids. Facebook and other social media are used extensively to promote these products.

The companies make a strong online presence by having an attractive website. They know that most parents will be looking for these products online, so they leave no gap in reaching them through digital marketing.

Yoto Player

This player can read audiobooks helping your child to sleep. You can select different colored lights for daytime and nighttime. You can play sleepy tracks and noises of rain, waves, and other things to help your baby to sleep. You can operate it with your phone. You can also buy guided meditation cards and insert them in the player to help your child sleep.

Abymoov Sleepy Night Light

This pebble emits a soft orange glow and a soothing noise which includes the noise of rain, ocean, and others. This is a battery-operated device and helps the baby to sleep.

Munchkin Shhh

This is a portable sleep machine. It has three sounds; the ‘shh’ noise, ‘white’ noise, and the noise of heartbeat. It has a soft light function and a timer. It is battery-operated.

The White Company Kimbo Noise Soother

This is a little soft and squishy elephant. It produces various noises when pressed on the ear. The babies like the sound and they fall asleep. The tummy of the elephant lights up during nighttime.

Though there are many sleeping aids available today, no product can guarantee that the baby will sleep. Also, you need to consider the safety of your baby before buying the product.